09 July 2016

The Conversation

Aha, so here we are together, debtors and sinners before heaven,
Pursued by a hundred demons and making haste for heaven's sake,
And it's a long, long way to heaven if you don't know the way!
Don't look back, there's a scare-sinner following us right now, and
He wouldn't be following me if it weren't for a sin bait like you!
Oh yeah, well if it weren't for laziness I would be a perfect angel.
Go on downstairs, your mother is calling. Satan has come for you.
Curb your wild imagination friend, it's just the pizza delivery man.
Yup, I hear the bell ringing. That must be Pavlov with the food.
God's blessing upon the smart guy who first invented pizza!
Hey you idiot. Ain't it your turn to say something? Okay,
There is no future, there is no past, there is only this pizza,
And it goes down fast. Now shut up and eat your pizza!


05 July 2016

From the Depths of Purgatory

O Lord, allow me to speak for I am addressing Thy mercy.
May I move the ear of my humble heart closer to Thy mouth, so
That Thou can explain why weeping is such a relief when I am sad?
How does it happen that out of the many bitter things in this life,
Relief is found by moaning and groaning and weeping and sighing?
Does the sweetness of relief come from the hope that Thou hear us,
Or does the weeping help us avoid the memory of pain and suffering?
Misery is the state of every soul who counts too much on the material.
We should lift our hearts to the spiritual instead and focus on Thee.
In our pessimism we gradually become tired of living but afraid of dying,
As if death were a sad end and not a new life for those who choose Thee.
Look into my heart, O Lord, and cleanse my soul. Rescue me from
Vanity, Pride, and Avarice, or in other words, the "Human" condition.
The person who enters into joy with the Lord will need not be afraid.  
We should confess our sins to God deep within our hearts simply because,
We can do it less painfully here and now, than from the depths of purgatory.


24 June 2016

Oh, Adam.

Said the man without a navel as he bit into an apple,
"Well, I wonder what new thing I will do today".
Oh, Adam. "Quid fecisti?" (What have you done?)
"Tu coepit destruere mundi."
("You have begun to destroy the world".)
The Earth mourns for the untimely death of so many people,
For out of her came the first and out of her shall come all others.
Each and every one of her inhabitants is a fruit of Mother Earth,
And has a time and a season and a mother who will mourn us.
If we acknowledge Almighty God, and know that he is just,
In good time we shall be restored to our mothers and our fathers,
And our children will be restored to us and we to them.
While I sleep, my spirit is out roaming about,
Looking for truth and marking the borders,
Of the dim narrow path that my heart must follow.
From the feelings of today and the memories of yesterday 
The new hope and old hope we throw under our pillow, 
And dream of a tomorrow when we shall all be together.


15 June 2016

What say you?

Those who drink deeply of pride, envy, ambition, and hatred,
Will see ignorance and ugliness in everybody they look upon.
Everything looks yellow to one who has jaundiced eyes.
Love dreads to cross paths with such perverse judgment.
She shuts her modest eyes at a glimpse of the first symptom.
She questions whether or not it was only a fleeting shadow
That crossed her path, and not an actual and deliberate sin.
If love is forced to recognize sin she quickly averts her vision,
And strives to forget the willful evil act that she has witnessed.
Love is the great healer of everything that ails body and soul.
We should always be as charitable in judgment as we can,
And if our neighbor has two faces let us accept the best one.
Our Lord, Jesus Christ said, "Love your neighbor as yourself"
He did not say, "Love the neighbor that you like the best."
He said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."
I say "Amen to that!" and what say you? Are you forgiven too? 


11 June 2016

How Often Dost Thou Wander

O Lord, before I had a name I belonged to Thee.
I need no other rules and regulations but Thine.
To love Thee with all my heart and my neighbor too,
Knowing that I can trust Thee unto death, and beyond.
O my God, why can't I always be looking upon Thee,
Even as Thou lookest daytime and nighttime on me?
Why do I think much of me and so little of Thee?
Oh my Soul, thine only true resting place is God,
And yet, my friend, how often dost thou wander.


07 June 2016

On Earth as it is in Heaven

My poem for today in reflection on the election:
A politician will tell you anything because they know,
That people don't believe what you tell them anyway.
In fact, they rarely even believe what you show them.
They more often believe what their friends tell them,
And they always believe what they tell themselves.
Let us pray that what we tell ourselves is true.
God's kingdom come, His will be done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven. Hallelujah!


31 May 2016

Who is the enemy?

How do we make America greater?
"E Pluribus Unum...Out of Many, One."
Or rather, "All for One and One for All."
Who is so weak that I am not weak?
Who is that strong that I am not strong?
Who is so poor that I am not also poor?
Who is that rich that I too, am not rich?
Who is so sick that I am not sick?
And who is in health that I'm not healthy?
Who is happy that I am not happy, and
Who is so sad that I grieve not with them?
No, this isn't Socialism my friends. It is the
Divine Milieu of Christian, Muslim, and Jew.
Who is the enemy? Fear, Hatred, and Contagion.


21 May 2016

Hum with the Hummers

The songs of birds make me happy.
I wonder what they are singing about.
I think I know but I'm not entirely sure.
They must be singing for the Creator.
I want to sing but don't know the song.
Maybe I should just be still and listen.  
Please Lord, send your Holy Spirit,
To teach me to sing like the birds,
Or at least hum with the hummers.
Ad Mejorem Dei Gloriam;
For the Greater Glory of God.


12 May 2016

Crying and Empty Handed

We come into the world with tiny fists as if to say "I want it all."
After a life of groping we leave this world with our palms open,
As if to say, "Look, I came with nothing and I take nothing with me."
On this side of death, those with the biggest fists get the most.
On the other side of death, my friend, I'm afraid it's a different story.
Your life is a small bit of time, with an eternity in front and behind.
We don't really live here. We are only passing through the "now."
Tonight, when you look up at the brilliant stars over your head,
Imagine that in Heaven the stars will be beneath your feet.
Can I explain to myself how I came to be in this mad world?
I will leave the same way that I entered, crying and empty handed.
I close my eyes and surrender myself to Almighty God, in the hope
That when my eyes are finally opened, I'll find myself in Heaven.


02 May 2016

You will already know

The spiritual quest plunges us into the depth of all being.
It is better to free your mind of all those negative words like
Can't, won't, didn't, impossible, sad, angry, stupid, and stinky.
Open your big mouth and let them all fly away forever.
Forget nonsensical words like mine and yours, us and them,
Race and religion, man and woman (or significantly other) and
Child and adult, youngster and oldster, smart or not smart.
As a Spirit you won't have to ask, "What am I doing here?"
You will already know.

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